7 Actionable to consider before choosing a right Digital Marketing Institute

7 Actionable to consider before choosing a Digital Marketing Institute

In 2020 Digital Marketing is a booming career, so everyone is trying to acquire the trending skills nowadays and the best part is it does not filter you according to your qualification, age, or any specific academic degree.

You can learn digital marketing whatever you are 80 or 20 and use this as per your requirements.

Obviously you know the power of digital marketing, this is why you want to learn it right? and i want to tell you my friend it could be the best decision of your life in terms of career growth.

Professionals are getting hike on their existing salary, businesses are multiplying their revenue by shifting towards digital marketing, and trust me you can also become successful in digital marketing by learning and implementing it.

We know the potential of digital marketing and also that it’s going to be the biggest job industry within the next 2-3 years.

It is also a very suitable skill especially for those who want to work at their own time & comfort as it does not needs a big setup and allows you to become your own boss.

The opportunity is limitless and also the options(Digital Marketing Institute) are also limitless nowadays and for this reason choosing a digital marketing institute is not an easy task. It will take a short span of time of yours to research the perfect institution for you!

Today, in this guide I will show you the 6 main things to consider while choosing a digital marketing institute, I am breaking down the 6 essentials steps for choosing the best institute and after this tutorial you will get confidence on how to choose a good digital marketing institute for you.

Consider these 7 points to choose the best digital marketing institute for you

7 Actionable to consider before choosing a Digital Marketing Institute
7 Actionable to consider before choosing a Digital Marketing Institute

I will show you exactly what you need to know about the institute and what kind of question you should raise before selecting a DM institute, so you will not select any invaluable institute and invest your money in the right place.

Without wasting time let’s get started…

#1 Start with a list

 You always start the researching process with a list, at first you go to the google in next step search for Digital marketing institute + your city or the related terms after that makes a list of top 10 institute that google shows you in order 1 to 10, remember don’t take ads in your list only consider organic results. See the screenshot for a better understanding.

Digital marketing institute in kolkata

#2 Online Research

  •  As a digital marketing institute, having their presence on the internet is a normal thing, right? but how can we benefit from their online presence during our research process?
  • Well, it is the best way to know about any institution, first, go to their website and check for basics, for example, see are their websites looking professional or not? Are you liking it? it should be appealing and the content of the website should be engaging to you so that it can gain your attention.
  • Suppose if they are telling you they will teach you about website design and development but their own website is not good in terms of user experience or design-wise, so in that case, we should reject the particular institutions right? it’s a simple thing but you can consider it.
  • After the website you should check their social media read their post, see whether they are active on their social media they have enough followers(more followers is not that mandatory) see the comments & engagements on their posts.
  • Take a look on their social media creatives, these things are important, after all, you are going to learn all this type of skill from the institute, so we must measure them at the same level.

#3 Course curriculum

 Course curriculum is the most important part of this research, a course curriculum has every detail about your course content that you are going to learn.

Now the time to use your DM institutions list, go to every institution website and download their course curriculum(brochure) from there and compare their course curriculum in terms of course topics, numbers of modules, certifications, total class hours, job placements, etc. And take you to the next step accordingly.

#4 Ask for a demo

  •  Go and ask for a demo session from the institutions, friends whatever we have collected from online sources that are not enough for enrollment. You must go to a physical demo class.
  • Having a demo class will not give you 100% surety about the institution but you can get to know many important things that help you a lot at the end of this research to opt for the best institution.
  • Remember the 99% of the institution will tell you they are the best and even push you for the admission, it’s normal in sales so don’t just take admission because they are saying, go for enrollment only after you are done with your research.

In the demo class, you can few questions in front of your demo tutor such as:

  • Ask them about their experience in the digital marketing domain.
  • Hit a question about their teaching experience.
  • Take info about a few successful students from the institutions
  • Can ask for class lecture ‘’language ‘’some institute only teach in a specific language you might be uncomfortable(Like Bengali language in kolkata)
  • Take a brief overview of how you can work on live projects(mostly institute provides live projects)
  • Know more about career, job & business opportunity in this domain from trainer

#5 Google Reviews

Digital Marketing Course reviews

 Review is one of the key factors while opting in multiple. Every digital marketing available on the internet(Of Course) has reviews on their digital assets.

Check google reviews for the honest result because the reviews you see on the websites that obviously have been put because they are positive reviews. 

On the google local reviews you will get the correct and mixed of low and high ratings given by the ex-trainee of that particular institution. You can trust 100% on the reviews as the review only can be edited or deleted by the student itself.

#6 Course Fees

 This is something that depends on the individual to individual, for example after all the research you came up with an institute that costs 60,000 for his course, for few students it is affordable but for few it will not.

if it is unaffordable, you should go to another institute that comes under your budget and also fulfill your requirements.

#7 Practical Training

 Practical Training: Friends digital marketing is a totally practical game, even you are learning from the best resources or best institute it will not worth it for you if you do not implement it practically.

So make sure your digital marketing institute core focus is providing practical training to their student.

Which type of training do you call a practical training? 

Let it understand by an easy example, Suppose you are learning website development and you trainer is teaching you how to develop a website by showing you on the projector or any system practically step by step.

And meanwhile implementing the learning, you are asking questions and he/she solving your query rather than just giving you some notes or by just making you understand theoretically is the practical way.

Why do we see the difference in course prices even when all curriculum and details remain the same? 

you might have this question, let me clarify for you the course fees of a digital marketing institute varies on a few things such as advertisement cost, employee salary cost, fixed cost and maintenance expenses, etc.

Let it understand by an easy example

A1 Institute: Suppose there is a DM Institute called A1 that has 5 employees with avg.20k salary for each, they pay 30k for institute rent every month and plus 30k other monthly expenses.

So total expenses will be 160k(100k+30k+30k) and this institute is charging 30k course fee for each student and they are teaching 10 students monthly and that’s how they generate 140k profit right?

A2 Institute: On the other hand, a DM institution called A2 that has 10 employees with 20k monthly salary each, 50k institute rent and 60k other office expenses. Now do you think if they charge a 30k course fee for 10 students they will be able to survive? 

Of course not because their total expense is high and with 30k course fees their profit even goes to minus, so these are the reasons for the difference in course price with the DM institution which has almost the same type of content.

Wrapping Up:

Well doing comprehensive research before choosing any digital marketing institute, will take a short time investment of yours but also save your hard-earned money and aware you of the invaluable institution out there.

I hope this article will help you to choose the best digital marketing institute in the market. Thank you so much for reading this post!

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