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3 Exact Keyword Everywhere Alternatives[Free]

3 Exact Keyword Everywhere Alternatives

Are you browsing for a free alternative of Keyword Everywhere? If yes then you have come across the right source.

With no doubt ‘’Keyword Everywhere’’ was the perfect free tool for SEO Practitioners.

But this perfect tool is no longer free now, since 1st October 2019 ‘’Keyword Everywhere ‘’ has become the paid tool. 

After becoming paid, many SEO guys are facing difficulty while drafting their keyword research campaign effectively.

But don’t worry I am going to list down the exact 3 alternatives to keywords everywhere. I can tell you with confidence that you can expect the same result from these tools also like you were getting from keyword everywhere.

In this article, I will show you the 3 perfect alternatives to keyword everywhere and also the step by step way to start with them.

3 Best Free Keyword Everywhere Alternatives

1.Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg is one of the best and the exact Keyword Everywhere Alternatives, why I have listed keyword keg at 1st place because it belongs to the same owner(Keyword everywhere owner)

Keyword everywhere alternatives

It will not show you all the data (for free)but of course, whatever data you will have, the quality of them like ‘’keyword everywhere.’’

How to use :  

  • First, go to google.com
  • Search for Keyword Keg on google
  • Click on the first link on Google SERP
  • Enter your desired keyword under the search box
  • Make sure you select the country if you are targeting any specific country 
  • You can also select the search engine on the APIS Section if your target other search engine(other than google) 
  • Leave the RESULT TYPES as default
  • You can put up to 30 keywords on the search box

Keyword Keg provides you the following details:

1.Search Result
2.Volume (World)
3.CPC (World)
4.Comp (World)
5.Value (World)
6.On page Difficulty
7.Off-Page Difficulty
8.Seo Difficulty
9.Ctr Scope
10.Keyword Power
11.Trend (World)

2.Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is also a great alternative to keyword everywhere that provides you estimated global and monthly search volume data for every query you put on google. 

 Keyword everywhere free alternatives

Keyword surfer is a very similar tool to keywords everywhere and useful for everyone who needs to conduct keyword research.

Along with the related keywords and their volume , it also provides you the clipboard option where you can put your keyword collection and export them to csv for further use.

How to use:

  • In the first step, go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore 
  • In the search box, search for keyword Surfer
  • Then click on add to chrome button
  • Now, wait for a minute  let it load to your chrome
  • Go to google and search for any keyword 
  • Now it will start to show keyword suggestions

Keyword Surfer shows you the following results:

  1. Keywords ideas
  2. Similarity % to your main keyword
  3. Keyword volume
  4. Clipboard with export option
  5. Country specific targeting
  6. New data: exact keywords and word count
  7. Keyword CPC

3.keyword lookup

Keyword Lookup is another free keyword Everywhere Alternatives. This free extension will show monthly keyword volume and get the related keyword you have to click on More Info, which takes you to their website.

how to accesses keyword lockup

It also a good tool for keyword volume & competition checking, so you can give a try on this. This free keyword research tool also provides you related keywords volume for different countries such as United States, UK, and Canada. 

How to use:

  • first you should go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore 
  • In the search box, search for keyword lookup
  • Then click on add to chrome button
  • Now, wait for a minute let it complete the process
  • Go to google and search for any keyword 
  • Now it will start to reflecting the data

keyword lookup avail you the following Data:

  1. Keyword monthly volume
  2. Cost per click data
  3. Keyword Competition
  4. Keyword Idea(More info)
  5. Country-wise targeting(United States, UK, and Canada)
  6. CSV export option

Bonus Tips

We already know that keyword everywhere is a paid toolbar now and also we have few alternatives to Keyword everywhere tool in the market for free.

Keyword everywhere free alternatives

Although still, we can use “Keyword Everywhere” for some help you must notice even after becoming a paid tool, It still shows the keywords data.

All you need to do is collect the keyword from Keyword Everywhere and with other ideas such as monthly volume & competition that you get from the keyword everywhere alternative tools and use those data in your content.

Final Word:

I am too sure that one of the 3 Exact Keyword everywhere alternatives tools will help you out with your keyword research journey and also give a proper compensation of Keyword Everywhere.

If you find this article a problem solving then share it on Facebook and do not forget to give a comment if you still have any question, Thank you for investing your valuable time!

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  1. Ally J

    Another great free alternative would be LiveKeyword https://biq.cloud/live-keyword/
    It works just like KeywordsEverywhere, and it’s free!

    Just like keywords everywhere – it provides important keyword information like search volume, related keywords, and related searches.

    All this data can be downloaded in CSV format too. Worth to check it out.

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