What Is a WordPress Plugin? A Detailed Explanation for Beginners

What is a wordpress plugin
What is a plugin in WordPress

A Plugin is nothing but a piece of code that has a bunch of functions that can be used or added to a self-hosted WordPress website.

In a simple language, a plugin is something that eases your website development work by adding extra functions in no time.

How does it work?

A plugin can increase functionality or add many new features to your WordPress Website. First, you need to install the plugin in which you are interested in your Plugin Panel, will talk about it in detail later on.

So after installing & activating you have to configure the plugin(if required) then it will be ready to work and you can use it to add new functions & features to your website.

Plugin Directory

The Use of a Plugin

Well, the use of a WordPress plugin totally depends on the requirements of the website or the website owner. Which type of features they want to add to their website.

For example, you have created a website with WordPress, let say the website is for a bakery shop and you want your customer to contact you for taking your service.

and for that, you have to add a contact us form feature to your contact us page right? So here you can use a plugin in order to add the contact us form to your website.

What To Consider Before Installing WordPress Plugins?

We all know installing a WordPress plugin includes codes or programs that belong to a third party so we always verify the plugin carefully before taking it into our website.

A bad plugin can:

  • Can break your site
  • Slow down your website speed 
  • Add malicious codes

For avoiding these issue:

  • See Reviews check  Ratings it should not be less than 4 star 
  • Check the last update of the particular plugin to make sure it is updating frequently
  • Make sure you use plugins that belong to trustable developers or directories such as WordPress.org or Code Canyon
  • Check the compatibility with your existing WordPress version.
What to look for before installing a WordPress plugin
– What To Consider Before Installing WordPress Plugins

 How to install a plugin?

Installing a plugin for your WordPress website is super easy. let me tell you one can download the plugin from two different places.

1st is from your WordPress dashboard by accessing Plugin>add new plugin then search for the plugin then click on install now and then click on activate.

How to download plugin

The 2nd way to download your desired plugin is to visiting at WordPress.org then go to the plugin section and search for the plugin and click on the download button.

download plugin from wordpress.org

After Downloading the plugin go to your WordPress Dashboard then go to Plugin>add new plugin then click on upload plugin after that upload your ZIP file that has been downloaded from wordpress.org and click on the activate button.

How to deactivate & delete a plugin?

After knowing about the plugin and the installation process of a plugin you should also know how to deactivate & delete a particular plugin from your WordPress plugin directory.

The first step to access your plugin area by going plugins>installed plugins now you will see a deactivate button at the bottom of the plugin click on that to deactivate the plugin.

if you want to delete it completely then after deactivation a delete button will appear in the place of deactivate you need simply click on the delete button and your theme will be deleted. 

deactivate or delete a plugin

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If you want to delete plugins in bulk select the plugins you want to delete then go to bulk action select delete option and click on apply

Concussion: Building a WordPress Website is a challenging task for a beginner. Today in this article we have discussed plugins, use of the plugin, how it works, choosing the best plugins. I hope you have learned something from this article. If you think it’s helpful please share it with your friends. Thanks so much for reading this article.

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